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Promote Student on Epunjab

The new session is started now need to update promote your passed students and retain your not promoted students on epunjab portal. Let’s check it out.

1.Login to you School account on epunjab web portal and click on student module as image below :

2. Now Check there is link in menu “Promote Student”. Click on it.

3. New page is opened. Here you have to select class and click on Show button.

4. Thirty students list for the selected class is shown below. Select students using checkbox who are promoted to the next class. In Action type dropdown select “Promote to Next Class” and Promote Class and Section. Then click on the Proceed button. These students then promoted to the next class and the next thirty students shown for promotion. Promote all your students to classes where they now study.

5. For Retaining students in same class same above procedure is used. Just you have to change Action type to “Retain in Same Class” and select Section of student. Click on Proceed button and Student is retained. Check following image for clarification.

When all your students is promoted and retained then go to approve student data and check all the enrollment and Approve your student data.

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